Anthem Studios is a full-service private-teaching facility for beginners and advanced students of any age. No prior musical experience necessary.

Violin/Viola Piano
Reston, VA: Chelle 301-366-5579
Fairfax, VA: Janet 703-255-5355
Fairfax, VA: Janet 703-255-5355
Reston, VA: Maryann 703-362-1123
Flute String Bass/Electric Bass
Centreville, VA: Barbara Heitz 703-818-7399 McLean, VA: Dan 703-992-6764
Cello Theory/Composition
Reston, VA: Adrienne 703-537-8616
Fairfax, VA: Sara 571-212-2158
Reston, VA: Chelle 301-366-5579

If you would like to study with one of our highly skilled high school musicians, we are now offering a summer study program for a significantly reduced rate. Please contact our Reston violin studio for more information.

The Anthem String Quartet also offers ensemble coaching.

Contact us for more information.

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